Make Sure Your Dogs are Happy

Earlier we posted one of these for cats, but we soon realized that dog owners might need one too. Especially if you are looking to adopt a dog. If you have dogs (or are thinking of getting one), here’s one for you!

Dogs are generally happy animals, but even so, they can get stressed easily. Training, no doubt is a really hard, confusing, and important task for you and your dogs, but even so a more important task is to make sure that you are treating your dogs correctly. Here are some tips:

  1. When they are puppies, it is important to train them to be able to be away from you. But take it at moderation. Once your dogs are potty-trained, have them come upstairs and stay with you and your family while you eat supper(or dinner)/lunch/breakfast.
    1. If you don’t want them running around, tie their leash to a leg of the table AS LOW AS POSSIBLE! This is important! By tying the leash to high the dog can choke.
  2. DO NOT LET THEM EAT CHOCOLATE!! I know that people say this all the time, but SERIOUSLY!! If you give you dog chocolate your dog may die due to ingestion and/or poisoning
  3. A good way to potty train and/or walk a dog is to have it do it’s “business” in a certain place. Wherever your dog goes when you first take ownership of it, you should go to that place every time you take your dog on a walk, it will feel more comfortable going to the bathroom this way
  4. You want to stay away from dog foods that contain:
    1. meat by-products
    2. meat meal
    3. wheat
    4. corn
    5. artificial preservatives
    6. sugars
    7. additives
  5. Avoid any of the following foods:
    1. Chocolate
    2. onions
    3. too much garlic
    4. greasy foods
    5. cooked bones




The Puppy Whisperer (A Compassionate, Nonviolent Guide to Early Training and Care by Paul Owens and Terence Cranendonk




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