Report Animal Cruelty

While 911 is a helpline for humans, did you know that you can also use it as a helpline for animal abuse? You can, an you should. Here are some things that you should know:

Indicators of Animal Cruelty:

  1. Open wounds that have no signs of treatment
    1. If you see this you should always tell the owner first, it could be a misunderstanding and the owner couldn’t notice it
    2. But if they are big wounds that are impossible to miss, try finding other indicators
  2. Harmful objects on or in the animal’s fur
  3. Obvious difference in the health of the animal (illness that hasn’t been treated)
    1. Discharge from the nose or eyes
    2. Rashes
    3. Bumpy skin
    4. Missing hair
  4. Neglect of grooming
    1. Matted hair
    2. Overgrown nails
  5. Extreme aggression or timid attitude


When reporting:

  1. Report any worsening indicators
  2. Ask what will be done to help the animal






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