Indoor Cats

If you like indoor pets, chances are that you will be considering a kitty. Cats are usually associated with being able to stay indoors, and I would consider that true. Cats can get the exercise they need, stay away from danger,  and keep their natural instincts in check inside.

Cats need their exercise. Most cats enjoy companionship and get along well with other cats, and sometimes dogs! They enjoy playing with their companions too, and that can help fill their need for exercise. Their owners can also help, with things like laser toys and kitty fishing poles. Spending time playing with them helps them get more exercise, so they do not need to go outside as much.

When let outside, cats hunt birds. They are carnivores, and it’s their instinct. Cats being let outside by their owners actually can cause a major decline in bird population, and native birds, who have other predators in the area, cannot handle the extra hunters as well as their non-native counterparts. One cat might not seem like that much, but in the big picture, they have a huge impact. Cats that are let outside are estimated to kill hundreds of millions of birds a year, and birds only make up 20% of a cat’s prey(1). Cats can be very dangerous to the wild bird population of your area.

Cats also face many dangers when being let outside. First, they are in danger of catching a disease or parasite that was transmitted by the many feral cats wandering the streets. They can also get into fights with those feral cats, and could be injured or even killed. Also, despite what many people think, cats face other predators that are higher up on the food chain. Loose dogs, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and maybe even alligators, depending on the area, are just some of the animals that endanger your cat. Another danger they face is climbing trees. Cats are known for climbing trees and not being able to get down. They could be up there for days, and not be found. Cats that aren’t found end up falling because they get dehydrated. Their falls can result in deadly injuries. Yet another danger is that cats can be poisoned by the toxins meant for rodents or sometimes not even for animals. They ingest these for the pleasant taste, but it could have serious health consequences for your cat.

As you can see, the outdoors is a dangerous place for your cat, and those that share it with your cat. Keeping your cat indoors can keep them from harm, and your cat will thank you for that.

Thank you for reading! I hope to post every two weeks starting from now, and I hope that you all will keep reading my blog

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